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ALAIR (Assisted Living Robot) πŸ€–


An Assisted Living Robot for the Elderly


As America’s β€œbaby boomers” gracefully age, and living longer with chronic health problems is increasingly possible, the need for in-home healthcare/assisted living is rising. Remaining independent for as long as possible is generally the preference, but for many individuals, full-time, in-home care is not an option. Nonetheless, providing adequate and compassionate care to these individuals is crucial. 

Meet ALAIR (Assisted Living Autonomous Internet Robot). ALAIR is an assisted living robot built for only $1250. Using a wealth of features, such as the ability to take vitals and detect falls, ALAIR can provide robust care to elderly with declining health. After construction, I tested ALAIR tested with over 100 men and women over the age of 60 that live independently. The results were outstandingly positive. For example, 100% of the participants would rather have a robot handle their medications and 86% said they would be comfortable using ALAIR as a health aid. Robots like ALAIR are the solution to the challenges presented by a growing elderly population.